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Channel 4 Supplier Policies and Standards

The following sections provide a brief overview to our Supplier policies and standards. 

Terms and Conditions

Channel 4’s standard terms and conditions of contract are available on request.

These detail our expectations of all Suppliers who work with Channel 4 and may be referenced in any contract. Our standard terms and conditions may be varied as appropriate in any resulting Supplier contract(s). Where required, we may replace our standard terms with a more amplified contract. 

No terms issued by Suppliers will be accepted unless confirmed in writing by the Channel 4 Procurement and/or Corporate Legal team.

Channel 4 aims to support all aspects of corporate responsibility and sustainability in our supply chain, and seek to ensure these issues are also at the top of our supplier's agendas. 

Supplier standards will be included in any tender documentation and our supplier selection process will assess Supplier’s ability to meet these standards.  Applicable documentation will be included in any subsequent contract.

Channel 4 is committed to being an equal opportunities employer and we are driven to actively promote Diversity both on and off screen. 

Suppliers who provide services to Channel 4 agree to adopt and maintain a diversity policy or adhere to Channel 4’s principles of maintaining a diverse workforce and working with a diverse supply chain. 

Additional information on our wider approach to diversity can be found here on our Diversity page.

Channel 4 takes a zero tolerance approach to slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour, or human trafficking, within our supply chain.  

We are committed to adhering to the guidelines stated in the Modern Slavery Act (2015), ensuring we are working with our Suppliers to ensure that the risk of non-compliance with the Act is minimised. 

Channel 4 expects all its Suppliers to take all necessary measures to mitigate the risk of Modern Slavery across their supply chain and comply with the Act in its entirety. For further information, please see our Modern Slavery Statement.

Channel 4 does not condone the offering, giving or receiving of bribes or inducements.

Suppliers should never give (or promise to give) anything – including money, services, gifts or excessive entertainment or hospitality – that could be construed as intending to influence the decision or behaviour of anyone.

Through the course of doing business with Channel 4, Suppliers may be privy to confidential information related to Channel 4 and its future business plans.

It’s the Suppliers responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of information and (unless specifically authorised) Suppliers and their employees and third parties should never disclose any information to any other party.

This applies even once any business with Channel 4 has been concluded, and for as long as the information is not generally available to the wider public.

Depending on the nature of the agreement, a Supplier may be required to sign additional non-disclosure agreements, or complete a data protection questionnaire to satisfy that there are robust safeguards in place when processing data.

Channel 4 is proud to be an accredited Living Wage Foundation Employer.

Further information about the Living Wage Foundation and our commitments can be found here https://www.livingwage.org.uk/